XE160W EU Tier 4 final Wheeled Excavator Technical Specification
Operating weight Kg 15500
Bucket capacity 0.58
Engine Model / CUMMINS QSB4.5
Direct injection /
Four strokes /
Water cooling /
Turbo-charging /
Air to air intercooler /
No. of cylinders / 4
Rated power/speed kw/rpm 104/2000
Maximum torque/speed N.m 620/1500
Displacement L 4.5
Main performance Travel speed (H/L/Creep) km/h 35/8/3
Swing speed r/min 10
Gradeability ° ≤35
Ground pressure kPa /
Bucket digging force kN 103.5
Arm digging force kN 76
Maximum tractive force kN 96.8
>Hydraulic system Main pump / /
Rated flow of main pump L/min 270
Main safety valve pressure bar 340
Travel system pressure bar 370
Swing system pressure bar 280
Pilot system pressure bar 32

Fuel tank capacity L 250
Hydraulic tank capacity L 130
Engine oil capacity L 11
Appearance size A Overall length mm 8750
B Overall width mm 2495
C Overall height mm 3180
D Counterweight clearance mm 1247.5
E Min. ground clearance mm 479
F Min. tail swing radius mm 2310
G Wheel base mm 2800
H Tread width mm 1920
I Width of platform mm 2490
J The distance from front axle to the rotary center mm 1700
K Hood height mm 2493.5
Working range A Max. digging radius mm 8296
B Max. reach at ground level mm 8050
C Max. digging height mm 9150
D Max. dumping height mm 6684
E Max. digging depth mm 5040
F Maximum depth cut for 2240mm level bottom mm 4825
G Max. vertical wall digging depth mm 4448
Equipment Standard Length of boom mm 4988
Length of arm mm 2100
Bucket capacity 0.58
Optional Length of boom mm /
Length of arm mm 2500
Bucket capacity 0.24 ~ 0.76

XE160W Wheeled Excavator Main Parts Lists

No. Item Detail
1 Engine Manufacturer Cummins
Origin Britain
2 Main Pump Manufacturer Linde
Origin Germany
3 Main Valve Manufacturer Linde
Origin Germany
4 Swing Motor Manufacturer Poclain
Origin France
1 Travel Motor Manufacturer Linde
Origin Germany

XE160W Wheeled Excavator Main Parts Lists

XE160W wheeled hydraulic excavator can handle all kinds of working conditions. The product has excellent stability and high mobility, which can meet the requirements for a variety of working environments. The product dimensions conform to road regulations and transportation requirements. Through the application of a series of industry-leading technologies and design of many practical functions, the comprehensive income and lowest use cost of customers will be guaranteed.

The product adopts high-efficiency direct injection engine that meets European environmental protection requirements. It has stable power output, sensitive response and low noise radiation. It is more suitable for construction in urban environment. By use of new generation high-efficiency chip valves, it will increase overflow pressure. So it has better working capability and can meet a diversity of function requirements. Excellent power matching technology with electronically controlled main pump to make the product more fuel efficient.

The product comes standard with multi-function machine system, which can realize different operations such as excavating, crushing, grabbing and cutting. Standard double-section boom will further enhance product environmental adaptability. Equipped with quick change system and with rotation controlled by torque, the machine will accurately position and the attachment will be replaced more easily. The machine’s forward, neutral, reverse and high/low gears are located on the right joystick side, which is in line with the operation habits of road equipment, and has CCS cruise control and slowdown functions. Three-stage front axle swing control mode (on/off/auto) can provide better driving performance in terms of operating conditions. High-quality gearboxes and heavy-duty axles ensure that the drive system is more suitable for the application of wheeled excavators in complex environments. Wheel brake system makes machine braking more efficient.

Highly specialized design and analysis tools are combined with bench tests to ensure that our machines are sturdy and durable. The material and structural strength and toughness of the product are rigorously tested under the most extreme conditions. Rigid robot welded structure ensures excellent durability of the product. Counterweights and stability components such as dozer blades and outriggers are rigorously calculated and tested to ensure machine’s durability and stability.

Advanced ROPS-certified cab ensures operator’s safety. Standard rear image system and right image system eliminate operator blind spots and ensure construction safety. Various work lights and rearview mirrors provide further protection for safe work. Comfortable interior noise reduction, spacious interior, adjustable suspension seats, powerful air conditioning system, finely arranged control switches, multi-function LCD monitor, and convenient and practical storage boxes for comfort operational experience. At the same time, the product is equipped with a centralized lubrication system and a diesel electric refueling pump to make maintenance more convenient.

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